Welcome to the 2016 I08S Oceanographic Expedition

In this blog we will describe our oceanographic expedition from Western Australia down to the Antarctic and back again. Along the way we will be measuring ocean properties like temperature and salinity looking for signs of climate change. Here we hope not just tell you what we are up to, but to extend to you some measure of the excitement we feel as head out on this adventure into the Southern Ocean.

This expedition is known as the 2016 I08S by the oceanographers and it is part of the GO-SHIP program. GO-SHIP??? Are you curious to know what is GO-SHIP? Take a look in our next post.

In the 2016 I08S, we have participants and principal investigators from 16 different institutions and 7 different countries! You can find who we are and what we do in this page here "Science Party".

Our adventure begins in early February 2016 in Western Australia (Fremantle) as we begin loading the  R/V Roger Revelle.

Fremantle Harbour, Western Australia, where our adventure begins!

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