Riding out the storm

By Cara Nissen & Heather Page 

 Photo by Earl Wilson
As predicted by the wave forecast, we had rough seas for the past few days. Apparently, we have finally made it to the Southern Ocean! Everyday activities became chores: sitting upright on a chair, lying in a bed, opening and closing doors, eating, even standing still. This was also the real test to see if we have gotten over seasickness (i.e. if we have gotten our “sea legs”) and of our ability to secure scientific equipment, furniture, and personal items.

Dave Webb. Photo by Earle Wilson

But luckily, also all storms are over at some point. Despite the challenges, we still maintain daily (indoor) life and good spirits. The main entertainment of the past and probably also upcoming days is Cribbage, a popular card game on (all?) boats. 

Alison teaches cribbage. Photo by Earle Wilson.

Sarah Bercovici x Joseph Gum. Photo by Heather Page.
We also have many books, movies, and TV shows at our disposal, thanks to a great library on the ship. If we feel too cooped up, we can also work out in the tiny room stuffed with a rowing machine, stationary bike, and treadmill.  The night crew was treated to a light show last night – Aurora Australis (Southern Lights). Fingers crossed for another viewing! We are still in transit, but we are looking forward to reaching the Antarctic Shelf, seeing icebergs and marine life, and getting fresh air – no matter how cold it might be!
Seth Travis & Norm Nelson. Photo by Heather Page.

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